Invisalign and the Discerning Adult

During adulthood, it may feel like the time for corrective orthodontic treatment has long passed and that perhaps going the long and arduous route of dental implants is now the

Teeth Whitening

Solutions For Straightening Teeth

The history of orthodontics Orthodontics in Weybridge is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with misaligned teeth including their diagnosis and treatment. It also involves the diagnosis and treatment

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eye check up

What Is Myopia, and How Is It Treated?

Do you know that myopia or nearsightedness is a common eye condition that affects millions of people? Those that are afflicted with it have difficulty seeing objects and other people

creamy soup

What Foods Can You Eat After Oral Surgery?

The most difficult part about oral surgery like root canals and wisdom teeth removal isn’t the procedure itself. It’s the recovery period. Not only will you have trouble speaking, but it’s

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